Good Day New Mexico segment with attorney and founder, Tracy Ahr, discussing why online wills don't comply with New Mexico law and the benefits of Express Legal Solutions.
If you live in New Mexico and want to have these documents, but have questions about how it’s done, how long it takes, and how much it will cost, Express Legal Solutions, LLC is here to help you.
At Express Legal Solutions, we believe your legal matters are important enough to deserve personal attention without costing a fortune. That’s why we don’t just send you the Do-It-Yourself documents; we actually sit down with you – face to face – to help you create your own estate plan. In about an hour and for less than $200, you’ll get our personal attention and your own completed, witnessed and notarized Simple Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directive, the three documents that make up a basic Estate Plan.
Many widely known websites and software programs promise that their documents comply with the laws of every state. In truth, since each state has its own estate laws, and these laws differ greatly from state to state, a one-size-fits-all approach is not to be trusted to provide the legal protection you deserve. Furthermore, as a New Mexico resident, the legal documents you create must be witnessed, notarized and executed in exact accordance with New Mexico laws. Otherwise they are not legal and valid. Your Express Legal Solutions personal representative actually meets with you, explains the process, and helps you create your own documents. For the final and most important step, our personal service includes the legal execution of the will, including witnesses and notary stamp.
For your future and your family, it will be the wisest hour and $200 you will ever spend.
What our customers are saying...
"Estate planning always looked so complicated. Express Legal Solutions was easy and quick."
David Pecore, Retired, Tijeras
"I would highly recommend Express Legal Solutions, they made our estate planning process easy and affordable."
Yolanda Jaramillo, State Farm, Albuqeruque
"Express Legal Solutions completed my will and other documents in a timely and efficient manner."
Larry Dwyer, Retired, Tijeras
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